The Duchess of Wales, Kate Middleton willing to break an important protocol at the coronation of her father-in-law, the King Charles III and the queen consort Camila Parker that will take place in four days.

The Duchess for several months has not been living in a good way due to all the rumors that have been created about what would supposedly be the infidelity of her husband, the prince williamtowards her with one of her best friends Rose Hanbury, a fact that confirmed the prince harry in his memoir “Spare”.

Although they have not referred to it, as it is believed that this would have happened in previous years, the Wale’s princess she continues to unleash controversy, and this time because they had suggested an act that would break the royal protocol and that she would be willing to follow.

It has been reported through the newspaper Express UKthan Kate Middleton will radically change the tradition of wearing tiaras on his head and contrary to this he will wear a crown of flowerswhich would give a slightly “hippie” style to your look.

The royal biographer and historian Hugo Vickersexpressed to The Times «a coronation is the most important state occasion in a reign, so it would be disappointing to do less than at a state banquet«. This would lead to much disappointment for some realists if real women like Kate Middleton choose not to wear tiaras.

Although the same biographer later assured: «I guess they want all the focus to be on the King and Queen“, recalling that the king has expressed that nature is the main theme in his special coronation.