Kate Middletoncurrent wife of prince williamwas the one who helped smooth out the contentious relationship that existed between Queen Camilla Parker and the duke in their chaotic past, according to a royal author.

When the children of the deceased Princess Diana they found out that their father would have a new wife and that it would be Camilla Parker, over time they began to call her “evil stepmother”, because according to what the prince harry in his memoir, his actions will have a negative impact on the lives of the two of them. So much was the case that when King Charles III decided to marry his current wife, Prince William and Prince Harry “begged” him not to.

The marriage became real and the two minors assumed, by then, that they had to face the fact that their father was married to a new woman, a fact for which it is believed that there was a fracture in family relations.

However, the Ms. Levinauthor and royal commentator wrote in the book “Camilla: from Outcast to Queen Consort” that it was the Princess of Wales who used her mediating skills to improve the relationship between Prince William and his stepmother«Fortunately, time helped to improve Camilla’s relationship with the royals, including Prince William, thanks in no small part to the Princess of Wales being a peacemaker.«.

«Camilla is also conciliatory and does not feed grievances. Both believe that supporting their husbands is a priority“, said the also journalist.

Obviously, there has been an improvement in the relationship of the two royal members, since now Prince William, although he is not particularly close to Camilla Parkershows that they get along well at public events to which they must attend.