Since the coronation of King Charles III On May 6, the Princess of Wales, Kate Middletonhas been one of the great protagonists within the royal family, due to the fact that her outfits and performances in social work have made the popularity of the princess increase, drawing the attention of all the media, getting her name in all nations become better known.

A few days ago the Duchess of Cambridge attended by surprise Chelsea Flower Showleaving all the guests and the more than 100 students of elementary schools stunned just by their arrival at the beautiful place. During this wonderful visit, Kate Middleton shared with the children, took walks throughout the garden and had lunch with them at a great picnic organized by the event.

Given this, many are highlighting the behavior of the princess, since he was seen with much more confidence during his sharing with the little onessome body language experts applaud the extreme confidence that radiated Kate: “The princess is able to make her own decisions and can go where she wants, plus she no longer needs Prince William’s support to appear at events«.

It seems that her feeling of nervousness that was noticeable on some occasions has disappeared, to the point that some joke that it is another Kate Middleton that they saw at the flower event. Many of her followers are delighted with the new face of the Princess of Wales and hope that she can become queen with the same confident attitude.