the princess of walesKate Middletonhas been the subject of ridicule on social networks and by the British people, when in an uncontrolled way he quickly gained and lost weight.

Kate Middleton, wife of prince williamhave maintained a relationship between what appears to be stable, after the latest news that has kept the British people in suspense, due to the alleged infidelities committed by the eldest son of the King Carlos III cwith one of the princess’s friends.

However, despite the rumors, the couple tied the knot and welcomed their 3 sons who are already part of the members of royalty. But even so, with the pregnancy of her 3 minors, she had been able to maintain an enviable physique, even when she inexplicably gained and lost weight, in a very short period of time.

According to British media, the duchess of wales Lately she has gone to extremes, showing herself to her followers mysteriously thin, she has even been the laughingstock of several royal ceremonies where what is most affirmed is that “It’s in the bones«.

According to sources, Kate Middleton could be suffering from a disease that has caused uncontrollable weight gains and losses, despite the fact that in various interviews she has admitted that she has a very close relationship with her diet, confessing that her diet has been key to keep your figure.

It has also been commented that her marital problems have probably caused stress in the Duchess, causing anxiety that prevents her from maintaining a stable weight.