Kate Middleton She has been one of the most popular royal figures and also one of the most loved by the English people, due to her personality and attitude, many royal followers say that if they had to compare her with any person, it would be with the late Princess Dianadue to its facility to win the affection of the citizens and to get closer to the public.

By your side, Camilla Parker has not been very happy with this, since people have begun to give more prominence and popularity to the wife of the prince williamand it is no secret to anyone that the queen consort does not like to talk about Princess Diana.

Now, at a recent public event, the Princess of Wales has spoken about Lady Di, which moved all the attendees who were witnessing his little speech. With a medium crowd gathered at the Dowlais Rugby ClubKate Middleton started out talking mainly about the event she attended to fulfill her duty to the royals, but she veered off course and ended up talking about the engagement ring given to her by Prince William, which belonged to Princess Diana.

The famous ring, with a central sapphire jewel surrounded by precious stones, belonged to the mother of Princes William and Harry, and is now worn by Kate Middleton, “It is one of my most prized possessionsshe exclaimed about her ring, this is because Kate never met her husband’s mother in person, “It’s very special to me«, followed by expressing these words, he said that he is a honor be able to use it.

The Princess of Wales too made a statement about Princess Diana’s role as a grandmother, saying it would have been an excellent experience for her childrenroyal experts say that this comment would have left the queen consort humiliated and in the shadows if she had been in the place.