The renowned princess and member of royalty Kate Middletonhas taken revenge for the infidelity that her husband committed on prince williamand also had a flirtation with this well-known man.

The couple met in the year 2001 when they were still in school and were teenagers, however, despite that the couple continued to cultivate their relationship, and in the year 2011 the couple married in the westminster abbey.

Despite the fact that they have had one or the other marital crisis as in any couple, rumors of infidelity on the part of neither of them have ever been so clear, as until today, when more and more media assure daily, with compelling evidence, the infidelity that was committed.

In a certain way, and just as the famous saying states “he who laughs last, laughs best”, the Wale’s princessKate Middleton, would not stay with this betrayal and has given her husband the same suffering that she has gone through.

Although neither has confirmed rumors of a split, the Duchess looked very happy while at a Rugby game last year. February 25and immediately after the game she went to the players’ dressing room, letting herself be seen very flirtatious with Maro Itoone of the athletes.

Suddenly several British media linked Kate to the player, undoubtedly causing a forceful blow to the ego of Prince William, who has appeared not to care much about his relationship with the mother of his children.