kate middleton the new one Wale’s princess and wife of prince william from the United Kingdom, spoke about the way her husband currently treats her on special dates, stating that now he is not the kind of retailer Prince who gave gifts on dates such as Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day.

Approaching the day of love and friendship, the Princess of Wales was in a very famous flower shop in the city of London, where she has left some controversial statements about her husband and thus allowing the media to talk about possible rumors of a crisis.

Neil Ashcroft, a local worker offered Kate some hyacinths while they talked about his business. There, the clerk told Middleton that Prince William was going to give her beautiful flowers, to which she responded in a surprising way.

The popular Princess confessed to Neil that he does not expect to receive any special gifts or gifts on February 14, which is undoubtedly generating a lot of controversy in the social networks.

Prince William and Kate Middleton have been married for almost 12 years, they have three children: George, Charlotte and Louis. Their marriage is one of the most solid and popular of royalty, but that does not keep them from crises and very typical problems that occur between marriages.

In recent weeks, the couple has had to deal with accusations that the Prince Harry, William’s younger brother, has done against them. He Duke of Sussex He has even dared to make fun of his brother’s loss of weight and hair, worsening the relationship between the two.

And you, what do you think about the controversial statements he has made? Kate Middleton?