The Princess of Wales Kate Middleton starred in a controversial moment with the prince william on the red carpet at the Bafta awards, after he slapped him in a place on the body of the future King of the United Kingdom that few could have imagined.

Yesterday the city of London dressed up to celebrate the Bafta awards, a ceremony that recognizes the best of British cinema and the entire planet Earth.

In said place, the princes of wales They made an act of controversy, despite the fact that various media claim that the couple is going through a marital crisis and that they only did it to hide the reality.

However, there was a gesture that caught the attention of everyone present. And it is that Kate Middleton gave her husband a small slap on the tail, something that undoubtedly generated all kinds of comments on social networks.

The video where the moment is captured has quickly gone viral on social networks, which are currently still investigating what would really be happening with the marriage of the future kings of the United Kingdom.

And you, what do you think of the little slap that Kate Middleton gave the prince william in the queue?