The princess Kate Middleton has sent an undoubted hint to the prince harry about the lack of mental health he had, and his need to go to therapy sessions that could help him.

The Princess of Wales launched the peculiar comment after reappearing at a public event, where she expressed some wise words about the importance of mental health that young people should know today.

Kate Middleton makes his appearance in public again, after weeks of avoiding the media, due to the questions that he would be asked before the publication of Prince Harry’s memoir, where he attacked the princess and her husband the prince william with your statements.

The day 12th of Januarythe Duke and Duchess of Wales attended a mental health benefit called “open door«, There the dukes talked with young people of different ages, and while talking with one of them, he questioned whether participating in music workshops would have helped his evolution.

He assured: «Producing music and letting out what you feel is better than saying it in a clinical atmosphere. i can put it into words«. «That was hard to explain!”, and then the princess mentioned that talk therapy often doesn’t work for everyone. Because of this comment, all the boys assured that it was a hint to the prince harry.

It is worth remembering that the prince in his book mentions that he attended therapy several times, but apparently they could not do much for him and his mental health.