According to experts on British royalty, Kate Middleton would be following in the footsteps of Princess Diana, and it is that lately she has had a “rebellious” attitude against royal protocols with her husband, Prince William.

According to British entertainment media, Kate would be exercising negative attitudes against Prince William after all the controversies he has caused with the issue of his infidelity towards the Duchess of Wales, recently at the BAFTA awards, which the royal couple attended. The princess was seen not very happy to be at the side of Prince William.

What suggests that in reality she was forced to attend the awards event together with Prince William, and it would not be strange since in recent months several rumors have been mentioned that the English royal couple would be discussing their separation, this is because it has been involved in numerous controversies and rumors of infidelity by the heir to the throne, Prince William.

Below, you can see the video where they are asking Prince William some questions of general interest and we can see the bored and rejected face that Kate Middleton puts when she sees William: