The accusations of prince harry in his book have not been well received by members of the royal family, and this time Kate Middleton I am not very happy with the revelations of the Duke of Sussex. In “Spare“Harry talked about the Princess of Wales’s fight with Meghan Markle for the dress of the princess charlotte and I also talk about Kate’s upset after lending her lipstick at the Duchess of Sussex.

A royal writer has revealed that Kate is “outraged» for the accusations against him reported in the book.

«The Timesrevealed that a source close to Prince William said that he is “devastated» for what Prince Harry said in his book, published on January 10. In fact, the Duke of Sussex has talked about many of the experiences between the two, which would cause William to feel completely outraged, even more so after having different childhood memories from those that his younger brother recounts in the book. .

Kate Middleton is one of the names that appear in Prince Harry’s memoirs and, as reported by Tom BowerHarry’s statements have her devastated, hurt and outraged.

The book addresses Kate’s fight with Meghan Markle, where she talks about her anger over Princess Charlotte’s outfit until the Duchess tells her she might have a “baby brain» after an argument they had shortly after Prince Louis was born. There is also the story where before the appearance of the quartet at the Royal Foundation Forum in 2018, Meghan asked Kate for lip gloss and that she lent it to her with a bad attitude.

These statements are like a bucket of cold water for kate middleton but most likely we will not see her giving any official statement publicly.