Not everything was sweet and unusual in one of the most symbolic marriages of the royal family, since on this occasion the wife of the Prince William, Kate Middleton, She was the one who revealed a habit that she cannot tolerate from her beloved husband, and what is really surprising is that many Internet users agree with the member of the royal family.

Just when we thought that the famous couple of the British royal family did not face daily challenges, it was recently revealed that both have some differences in their relationship like everyone, a few days ago the marriage of the son of the King Charles III they uncovered the most common reasons why they argue the most.

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According to the revelations of the Princess from Welsh, One of her husband’s habits that she doesn’t like at all is when he decides to watch television just before going to sleep, since he also usually eats a lot of pizza in the place and this bothers her a lot. Kate Middleton.

Well, not only the disorder in the house bothers him, Kate He also demands a very strict diet from his family, which is rich in vegetables and fruits in order to avoid junk food and dairy products.