Kate Middleton has been receiving large bouquets of flowers, after she publicly admitted that her husband, the prince william I never gave him these kinds of gifts.

Recently, the Wale’s princess assured that her husband is not as loving as the British people would have imagined, and this has left fans of royalty very astonished, creating endless controversies about him and his little romanticism.

Even in his statement, Kate He asserted that he never expects anything from him, since he already knows him and knows perfectly well that on special days there are no gifts from him. Otherwise it happens with her, who does have it present on any date.

For this reason, the Duchess could affirm that there will be a crisis in her marriage if the situation does not progress as expected, since she affirmed that not even in Saint valentinedate that commemorates the lovers, the eldest son of the king Carlos II appears loving.

The princess who gave her statement while visiting a flower shop, took a great gift that overshadowed all her sadness. The owner of the flower shopNeil Ashcroft“He decided to play the role of the the prince William and gave her a large bouquet of roses. Following this, there have been many people who have wanted to send her roses.

Clearly his statement has created criticism of the prince, who is embarrassed by the issue.