The royal family is in the midst of a new controversy after an alleged infidelity committed by Prince William against his wife came to light Kate Middleton a few months after the coronation of the King Charles IIIthe media specialized in royalty have cast doubt on the reputation of the heir to the throne.

The news has generated a stir in public opinion, since Kate Middleton she is considered by many as a future queen consort who will stand out. Her way of bringing the people closer to the monarchy is one of her strongest virtues, which apparently is the opposite with the image of the current queen consort, Camilla Parkerwho is little loved by the people.

Even though that him prince william has been heavily criticized for his alleged infidelity, many hope that he and his wife will be able to forge a solid bond with the English people when the time comes for his coronation.

the figure of prince william is highly respected, and it is expected that he and Kate Middleton are able to establish closer contact with British society.

The coming to the throne of King Charles III is getting closer, and preparations for the coronation are already underway. After that, attention will be focused on the prince william and Kate Middleton, who will be in charge of carrying out the British monarchy in the not too distant future. Despite the controversies, many are confident that Kate will be able to carry out her task in an exemplary manner and consolidate the link between the monarchy and the English people, which she has not been able to do. William and much less the King Charles III.