the princess of wales, Kate Middleton she must remain strong against her husband’s accusations of infidelity on prince williamso that the image of your family is not affected.

The marriage between Prince William and his wife, Princess Kate Middleton, would be about to end due to rumors of infidelity that the couple has been running for several months, after some photographs of the prince with a strange woman came to light.

However, in the face of criticism and rumors, the Duchess of Wales must maintain a neutral position and not deny or affirm the rumors because the image of her family would be affected, including her three children, the prince george, Luis and Charlotte.

For this reason, when the princess is sharing with the British people, she cannot express feelings that show her sadness or try to stay away from her husband, since it would be a fact that would confirm the separation.

Thus, in case of confirming the rumors of infidelity that the prince has been committing with one of Princess Kate’s best friends, the british crown it would also be strongly affected and in the same way the next coronation.

An act that would totally disgust Prince William’s father, the King Charles IIIbecause for some years he has been waiting for the big day with his wife the queen consort Camilla Parker.