Among the complicated relationship currently maintained by the royal couple, Kate Middleton and the prince william, have decided to take a break and make an exception to attend an important game of rugby.

Lately, the marriage of the Princess of Wales has been deteriorated and involved in a series of controversies, due to numerous rumors where it is said that her husband, the future heir to the throne of England, has been unfaithful. However, last weekend they both decided to attend an important rugby match, where they faced Welsh and England, the ideal moment to make clear the rivalry that they feel, sportingly speaking.

And it is that Kate Middleton is a fan and follower of the England team, since she is a sponsor of the Rugby Football LeagueBy contrast, Prince William was going for the Wales team, which also sponsors the Welsh Rugby Uniontwo rival leagues in the United Kingdom.

Despite maintaining an unstable marriage today because of the rumors in the press and different tabloid media, the son of the King Charles IIIWilliam and his wife Kate Middleton, had a great time on that weekend, whether or not it was an excuse to keep the media a bit away of their marital affairs.