The coronation official of the King Charles III of the United Kingdom is hours away from being done, and a measure that has been taken Kate Middleton is being massively discussed by various experts from the royalty. However, this risk that he is taking could also earn him numerous accolades in different charities that seek to raise awareness about the atmosphere.

In the last few hours, several of the most recognized media around the world have reported a decision that Wale’s princess has taken place around the coronation of his father-in-law, who will become the new King of the United Kingdom, after the reign of more than 70 years of his late mother, the Queen isabel II.

According to the report made by the media ‘The Times’, it is very probable that the wife of the prince william dispense with the traditional tiara of diamonds, to opt for a flower headdress that projects a more modern image and connects with Carlos III’s passion for nature.

This is a decision that could disappoint to the public more conservative of royalty, who expects to see a great display of the royal jeweler at the hands of its most distinguished members.

“Tiaras are traditionally seen in formal affairs of state, regardless of how they look on the wearer,” he said. Geoffrey Munn, the author of the book ‘Tiaras: A History of Splendor’, in conversation with the British newspaper.

“Taking into account that a coronation It is the most important state occasion in a reign, it would be disappointing to do less than at a state banquet, but I suppose they want all the focus to be on the King and Queen.” Hugo Vickers, author of several real biographies.

However, this initiative it could also bring numerous compliments to the future queen of the nation, since by taking into account the importance of the environmental factor in her accessories, it is a clear sign that both he king charles like all the Royal family, They are going to commit to taking initiatives regarding the care of nature.

Given this, the decision he has made Kate Middleton it has been labeled as “dangerous” as it could trigger both good and bad reviews.