The Duchess of Wales Kate Middleton He again launches an accusation against his brothers-in-law Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, widening the gap between these well-known characters.

the wife of prince williamKate Middleton, is known for the town of United Kingdom as the people’s princess as her late mother-in-law Lady Dibecause Kate is usually very close to people outside the royal house and very often has communication with them, but there are rumors that Kate Middleton usually shows another face when she is not surrounded by many people.

The Duchess of Wales from the past has had certain confrontations or comments against the prince harry and Meghan Marklesince it is rumored that she cannot stand the presence of her brothers-in-law, much less accept the fact that Meghan Markle is part of the royal family when the former actress does not belong to any.

In the same way, MARCA magazine would have commented that the last confrontation that the royal family has had has been between the dukes of wales and the Dukes of Sussex It was because Kate Middleton has expressed that she irritates the personality of her brothers-in-law, since Meghan Markle seems very obsessed with money, behavior that Kate can’t stand and that seems to have rubbed off on Harry. Although both Dukes of Sussex seek her peace and her privacy, they always seem to be more aware of her image and how much they could earn for her.

In recent years, couples have had their fights very constantly so everyone waits to see what could happen on the day of the coronation of the King Charles IIIsince there will be a meeting between Prince Harry and the Dukes of Wales.