Kate Middleton and the prince harry They shared a close relationship that few knew about, according to sources close to the Palace, Kate, William and Harry used to spend free time together and on many occasions even went on vacation, all this before the prince married Meghan.

Such was the closeness that Prince Harry considered Kate Middleton like her own sister. However, according to the same sources, the relationship between the brothers began to deteriorate when Harry discovered that William was unfaithful to Kate with the model. Rose Hanbury in 2019.

As mentioned in the book of revelations “Spare”, Prince Harry would have hinted that his brother was cheating on Kate Middleton with Rose. The royal family tried to prevent the spread of these claims by leaking information about Harry and Meghan to divert attention from the matter.

Despite everything, the relationship between Kate and Meghan would not have been affected by the affair, and Meghan Markle he would have offered his support to Kate in these difficult times, including the invitation for her to move with her family to the United States while her divorce is processed.

According to sources close to the princes, the relationship between the brothers would have deteriorated further after Harry confronted William about his infidelity, reminding him of the difficult situation his mother, Princess Diana, experienced due to the infidelity of the prince. king charles and after that the relationship between the brothers would have ended.

Despite everything, Kate continues to play her role as Princess of Wales and is expected to continue working in various charities in collaboration with the foundation that Meghan Markle has created in the United States.

Meanwhile, everything seems to indicate that the Princess of Wales and her children would receive the support and help of the Sussex couple in these difficult times.