the princess of wales, Kate Middleton, 41, has been noted for her warmth and caring during her recent royal engagements. The princess has shown that she likes to hug and she showed it by congratulating the Captain Preet Chandi for his record-breaking Antarctic expedition and reuniting with one of his former teachers during a visit to Cornwall. A close friend of the princess told her “PEOPLE» which Kate is «warm and friendly» and who greets everyone with a big hug and kiss.

However, the accusations of Meghan Markle and the prince harry in his Netflix documentary series “harry and meghan“, where they describe the way of being of Kate and the prince william, have raised questions about the culture of British royalty. Meghan said she was unfamiliar with the way members of the royal family should act formal in public and relax in private.

Despite Harry and Meghan’s accusations in their book and interviews, the royal family has publicly remained silent. However, the family friend also told the magazine that Kate is “a tough woman and it’s wonderful that William has Kate by his side”.

Kate Middleton she has shown to be a friendly and caring person in public, while also being regarded as “a tough woman” who confides in Prince William. Despite Meghan and Harry’s accusations, the royal family appears to be focused on moving on and continuing their work.