The royals knew that the prince harry would publish his bookSpare«But in order to find out everything he revealed, they had to wait until it was published to find out everything he had to say about it.

However, it was recently revealed that someone close to the monarchy was involved in the process of creating the book. This person is the cousin of Kate Middleton and it is known that the two of them have a very good relationship.

The bookstores glowed with the headline “Spare» on January 10, and thousands of Britons flocked to buy the book in which Prince Harry revealed previously unpublished details of his family and personal life.

In the first chapter, he talks about his childhood, challenges, mistakes, and then he begins to address unprecedented revelations about his treatment in the monarchy, he also talks about his relationship with his brother, father, stepmother and sister-in-law. He spoke his mind about fighting in the royal family and wasn’t afraid to tell the truth.

Prince Harry would have been the only royal to have access to his work before it came out, but people close to the British royal family also owned the book and were involved in its publication.

This time it is about Lucy Middleton, cousin of kate middleton with whom she is very close and was even the godmother at Prince Louis’s christening.

Lucy is a lawyer in Penguin Random Housethe publisher in charge of the book Prince Harry. She is an expert in defamation, privacy and confidentiality, so she needed to be aware of all the possible legal claims that could exist before publishing the Duke of Sussex’s memoirs.