The British media have trended a story that could be harming the royal family. According to various media, Kate Middletonruns the risk of losing his position in the Royal Family due to his possible separation with the prince williamwho is the future heir to the throne.

Although the couple has recently been seen together at various official events, rumors have emerged that their relationship is going through a bad time, it is also said that visits together at events would be royal obligation and that in reality the couple would be considering separating. Although these rumors have not been confirmed by the couple, the British press has begun to speculate about the possible consequences of a separation.

According to the expert on the Royal Family, Marlene KoenigYeah Kate Middleton and the prince william are separated, Kate could lose her position in the Royal Family and become an ordinary citizen.

Kate became Duchess of Cambridge after marrying the Prince, so her position in the Royal Family is directly dependent on her marriage. Koenig explained.

In addition, in the event of a separation, Kate would also lose her role as future queen consort, since the prince william he would be next in line to the throne and would have to marry someone else to ensure the continuity of the monarchy.

Although it is not yet known if the rumors of a separation are true, the possibility that Kate Middleton losing his position in the Royal Family has caused a stir in the media and generated much speculation about the future of the British monarchy.