The British Royal Family is in the midst of much criticism due to rumors of infidelity from the prince william with Rose Hanbury. Although Kate Middleton has tried to ignore the rumours, tension in the royal family has increased following rumors that the queen consort, Camilla Parkerhas given his approval to the alleged relationship of the heir to the throne with Rose.

Sources close to the British royals say that the relationship between Camilla and Rose has improved after a brief estrangement, suggesting that the wife of King Charles would have given her support to her stepson’s secret relationship. This reaction isn’t surprising, as in the past, Camilla Parker has tried to break up William and Kate before their wedding.

The book “Set of crowns: Elizabeth, Camilla, Kate and the throne” describes how Camilla was jealous of the ease with which Kate had won the love of the public and the Queen isabel II. It is said that she even manipulated her husband into recommending her to William to end his relationship with Kate Middleton. However, the couple reconciled and married in 2011.

Now, with Camilla’s supposed blessing on William and Hanbury’s relationship, the affair is likely to be confirmed in the near future. Since 2019, when the prince’s alleged infidelity became known, the world has been targeting the royal family.

The situation is complicated for members of the Crown and there is a possibility that more revelations of this infidelity will soon come to light.