Last Tuesday, the Princess of Wales Kate Middleton and the prince william they had a face-to-face in a spinning class while they were visiting the south of Welshwhere those present noticed almost instantly a small detail that gave something to talk about.

At the sporting event held by the heir to the throne of England with his wife, it was observed that when getting on the spinning bike, Prince William only made excuses, such as: that he was in a suit and could not do the exercise correctly, but followed by this, Kate Middleton got on without even thinking about it, despite the fact that she was dressed in a skirt and a couple of heels.

After this detail in the attitude of the members of the royalty Present there, the prince had no choice but to agree to carry out the exercise, despite his inadequate clothing, Princess Kate Middleton gave him a lesson her husband and beat him in the short race that lasted about 45 seconds.

The opinions of the fans They did not wait, and it is that in the publication of the spinning class video you can see comments like: “Kate won wearing heels!”, or “Absolutely hilarious!”, making it clear the little girl humiliation which William must have received at the time.