The Duchess of Wales, Kate Middletonwould have broken a royal protocol in a slightly visual way in the middle of the concert for the coronation of King Carlos III and Queen Camilla Parker.

Kate Middleton was one of the great protagonists last Saturday May 6th On coronation day after she wore a beautiful dress in which her colors represented the flag of the United Kingdom, the Duchess was one of the members who was on the balcony of Buckingham Palace accompanying the King Charles III already queen camilla parker along with her husband the pprince william and their three little children. Although within the royal family there were rumors of a possible separation between Kate and William, both were seen very happy and calm denying all these ideas.

He May 7th The day after the coronation, a concert was held at Windsor Castle for all the inhabitants and followers of the United Kingdom, in order to celebrate the historical event that occurred, however, Kate Middleton would have broken a royal protocol. According to EXPRESS UK the concert was held with many stars like Katy Perry and lionel richiebut who would stand out the most would be the royal commentator Daniela Elserwho would realize what Kate had done.

Elser mentioned that Kate Middleton was wearing a suit and not a dress as she usually wears for royal events, she stressed that whenever she was in the company of the late Queen isabel II, The Duchess of Wales wore a dress so it was strange to see her in a suit, since it was a great moment of celebration.

After this, many media speculated that perhaps the duchess would be trying new ways of clothing, now that the British monarchy is trying to be a little more open and inclusive.