The Duchess of Wales, Kate Middletonhas been seen in public after rumors of a possible separation with her husband, the prince william. During her appearance, Kate humiliated the prince in public by refusing a gesture of affection.

The royal couple has faced rumors of a possible separation after the alleged infidelity of William with Rose Hanbury, news that has come to light in most of the international media, which are attentive to the future of the royal couple. Although the couple have not commented on the matter, Kate seemed to send a message with her gestures in public.

Well, during an appearance at an event, Kate Middleton was seen refusing a hug that the prince william she wanted to give him, which surprised the royal fans who were present, who assure that Kate completely distanced herself from William, thus seeking to avoid any physical contact.

This action by Kate Middleton It has been interpreted as a sign that the tension over infidelity rumors are stronger than ever and that Kate is showing it in her public appearances.

On the other hand, the public reaction of Kate Middleton She has been seen in different ways by people, with some admiring her courage to do this in public, while others have strongly criticized her behavior, saying it is inappropriate and disrespectful.