Recently, Kate Middleton and the prince william They have again been the target of rumors by the media, because, according to a source, the Princess of Wales treats “like a fourth son» to her husband, Prince William, since they assure that he has had several tantrums and childish attitudes.

«They have several discussions. not a perfect relationship“Assured a royal expert, the couple has three children in common: the prince george 9 years old, the princess charlotte of 8 and the prince louis 5 years. But now, according to sources, it seems that Kate Middleton treats William as one of her children, this because she has tantrums that she constantly has to endure.

Their marriage is not perfect, however, fans say that despite the arguments and anger, the royal couple remains under control, Quinn I had already told ‘okay‘ Previously, that despite the fact that Kate Middleton and Prince William appear to be a perfect couple and live a marriage like in a fairy tale, the truth is that it is not so, also due to the stress that comes with fulfilling royal obligations.

Being in charge of 3 children should not be a problem for the British royalty, since these, unlike most marriages, have a large number of servants that facilitate the upbringing of the little ones. But for Kate Middleton it is a little more complicated than that, because of her lately she has been putting up with childish attitudes and “tantrums» that her husband causes sometimes, when they argue or simply when something doesn’t go well.

Another expert told ‘Us Weekly‘ that over the years Kate and William have had their ups and downs like any other couple, but currently the princes of Wales must deal with the great pressure that has generated the revelations of the prince harry.