The princess Kate Middleton has been revealing details of her relationship with her husband, the prince williamapparently the relationship could end up suffering a separation.

The relationship between Prince William and Princess Kate could be going through a crisis, due to the fact that few courtesy traits are rumored on the part of the Duke towards his wife, a situation that Kate would like to change completely.

Even the duchess of wales I assure you that it would be very strange if the prince manages to have some gestures with her, so she prefers not to expect much from him. However, he worries about other relationships where husbands often give gifts to their wives, to maintain a good relationship.

A few days ago the princess made a public appearance where she revealed her plans to celebrate Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Dayand confessed that probably the details and flowers are not present in your celebration.

The princess recounted between laughs, hiding her sadness a bit, that there are never any details from her husband, not even on the most special days, and thus she has preferred not to have any illusions or expect flowers.

But by way of surprise, when he was visiting some places he visited the flower shop Neil Ashcroftwhere he was admiring each flower he saw, and the seller knowing the answer about whether the prince william he would give her roses, he chose to give her a large bouquet of roses as a gift, an act that undoubtedly marked a big smile on the princess’s face.