The princess Kate Middletonwho is now happy with her new title, but at the same time very busy, has denied one of the many rumors that Meghan Markle has created over her, damaging her reputation.

Kate Middleton has had to endure the strong judgments that the British people place on her, after appearing to be the one who started, along with her husband the prince williamto attack the relationship between Prince Harry and actress Meghan.

But she does not miss the opportunities she has to personally deny all the accusations that the Duchess of Sussex exposed about her, and thus demonstrate her true personality.

Something that is not a secret for the British people is that Meghan Markle, among her many attacks on royalty, explained that she once experienced an awkward moment when she noticed that Middleton was an unfriendly person, who preferred not to give hugs.

However, the acts speak for themselves and the Wale’s princess Long before the actress’s statement, she has refuted the false information, because on different occasions and even when she is not allowed to, she has been photographed giving warm hugs.

«Kate is a great hugger. She is warm and friendly and greets everyone with a big hug and kiss, it comes naturally to her.«. Revealed for the magazine Peoplea great friend of the princess.