The princess Kate Middleton has recently revealed that raising children, in a proper way, has been a very tedious task for her.

Kate Middletonwife of prince william He has opened up publicly by confessing that parenting, and the patience that one must have with children is a somewhat difficult task”stormy«, but that must be done with effort to avoid future challenges.

The married couple who currently have three children, the prince georgethe princess charlotte and the prince louisrevealed in an interview the difficulties in parenting they have had to cope with, and what it has been like to educate minors.

«Every family is different. The pressures we face are all different, while increasing the importance of early childhood“, he told a well-known radio station in the United Kingdom. And although he clarified that the upbringing that has been instilled in his children has been bearable, he admitted that the same situation does not happen in all families.

Kate Middleton He has understood the challenge of education and is currently working on a campaign to care for early childhood, as he believes that his challenge has allowed him to understand other families around the world.

«It’s actually saying that they need the support and help to re-prioritize family life, home life, and all that it takes to raise children today, because it’s hard.“Revealed the princess.

He added: “It’s not about how many toys they have, or how many trips you take with them. It’s making sure they have the right emotional support, and that it comes from the adults who come across their lives,” Middleton concluded, emphasizing the care that is needed to discipline children.