The marriage of prince william and kate middletonn has been the subject of controversy in the media in recent days. Rumors indicate that the couple is facing a crisis due to the prince’s alleged infidelity with his former lover, Rose Hanbury.

Apparently, the prince william he might even leave his wife alone on Valentine’s Day to run away with Hanbury.

Furthermore, it has been revealed that Kate Middleton He had a heated argument with his mother. Carol Middleton. Reports suggest that the relationship between the two is strained due to Carole’s intrusiveness in the life of her daughter and the education of her grandchildren.

The mother of Kate Middleton He has tried to be more present than usual in the house of the princes, even imposing his own rules on the children, such as what clothes they should wear, bedtime, when to do their homework, etc.

These incidents have led to somewhat unnecessary strain on the private life of the royal family, drawing worldwide media attention.

However, it is important to clarify that for now these are just rumors from some foreign media, for this reason we have to wait a while and see if these news are confirmed or if they only remain what they are, for now, just rumors.