The new one Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, It has become one of the most commented topics on social networks, thanks to all the controversy that the rumors of separation with the Prince William, after she made some scandalous statements in which she affirms that the heir to the British throne no longer treats her kindly.

The future queen consort of United Kingdom, would have given more material to the media based on the rumors of separation with the Prince William. And it is that now it is said that Middleton will be attending the Bafta awards which will be held on Sunday in London.

The Baftas are the UK’s biggest award for the film industry, and it was expected that the princes of wales they made an appearance together. However, now it has been stated that the future King will not attend the ceremony, and with it, another event where they do not attend together.

There are already several days where the couple has not been seen sharing together, not even in the sporting event that their eldest son, the prince george had at his school. Only Kate attended.

A few days ago, the alleged alternate romance that William would have with Rose Hanbury, a former friend of Kate and who was linked to the Prince by some leaked photos in 2019, where they were seen sharing together in a compromising way.

Meanwhile, the british media and the whole world is waiting for what may happen next Sunday. If the married couple attend the ceremony together, they would be putting an end to the rumors, but if only one of them does it, they could be confirming what has been discussed for days.

And you, what do you think could happen next Sunday regarding the marital crisis that they would be going through on Sunday? prince william and Kate Middleton?