cultural differences and lifestyles of Kate Middleton Y Meghan Markle created an insurmountable wall between the two women, this is how the prince harry reveals it in his new autobiography «Spare“Where he recounts one of the most awkward moments that Kate put Meghan through.

Apparently, the dispute between the two women was not just about the dress of the Princess Charlotte, since the prince harry admitted in his book that his sister-in-law put his wife through several embarrassing moments.

The Duke of Sussex has spoken to the public and the rest of the royal family about his most tense scene on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. During the first parade Trooping the Color From Meghan Markle, a few days after marrying Harry, Kate asked Markle what she thought of the event, to which she responded humorously “colorful«.

A response that froze everyone who was on the balcony, because instead of taking it with humor, they found it inappropriate and unfunny, for this reason Meghan changed her face and felt extremely uncomfortable and sad.

Prince Harry wrote:

Kate asked Meghan what she thought of her first Legion colors parade. Meghan joked that she found it colourful, but no one took it kindly and there was a deathly silence that threatened to engulf us all.

A few days later, Kate and William invited Meghan and Harry over for tea to calm things down, but after some weak conversation, the Duchess of Sussex mentioned that the marriages weren’t very close and they had very different ideas, which she did. upset the Princess of Wales very much.

Therefore, the cultural and personality differences of the two did not allow them to establish a slightly more intimate relationship, as some people also believe that they would never have been friends because they have different values ​​and interests.