Kate Middleton He has stated that he feels a little sorry for him. prince harrybecause he has had to face his life without the accompaniment of a mother.

The recognized princess of Gales has been working on different projects for early childhood, whose purpose is to guide people, and especially children, about the importance of mental health throughout life.

Kate Middleton who has three children with him prince williamPrincess Charlotte, Prince George and Prince Louis, share how it has been their experience working on the new campaign «Shaping Us«, addressing the difficulties of parenting in children in the times of now.

The princess emphasizes the need for strict parental support in the lives of their children, during their youth and adult growth, as she admits that the pressures we face today could bring more consequences. negative consequences in children’s lives and throughout their maturity as adults.

At the same time he admits that he regrets that the prince harry he would have grown up without the support of his mother, who surely would have guided him better in his controversial decisions, which today keep him distanced from his own father and brother.

«Relationships in a family or surrounding a child are very important«, «The environment in which you raise a child is just as important as the experiences with which you engage them.“, explained the princess. This would be the reason why the prince harry In his adulthood, he has not been able to cope with the issue of his mental health, nor make good decisions, making him one of the most controversial members of the British royal family.