The Princess of Wales kate middleton Hand in hand with their relatives and parents, they are facing a harsh financial crisis, which would have them about to make the tough decision to sell the family business. This problem has brought a lot of stress to the future monarch of the United Kingdom, that has not yet found a quick solution to the problem.

Carol Middleton and Michael Middleton, who are the parents of the princess of Wales, see the future of Party Pieces, the family business of party supplies, in limbo and with serious financial problems.

the british newspaper Daily Telegraph, was one of the first outlets to report that the family of the future queen is experiencing severe economic losses from his company, which was founded in the year 1987 and that it was able to grow on a large scale within the UK.

However, at present, the business is only making losses, which would have Kate very concerned, as it is the means of entry for income most important of their parents. It is even said that she would have also invested money in the company.

Through a statement, Carole and Michael Middleton explained that the losses were planned and tried to pretend normal with a new deal that could save them from having to sell the business.

“It is very exciting to see our Party Pieces collection spread across USA by the hand of Saker ShopRites, one of the leading retailers of New Jerseythey declared.

However, the aforementioned strategy is not viable today. Given this, numerous British journalists managed to discover that even the parents of Kate Middleton They are looking to sell the company, since the economic losses they have registered have been very large.