The last statement of prince harry in his biography, “Spare«, provoked a whirlwind of comments when he pointed out how the relationship between Kate Middleton and his wife ended up so badly, leaving the Wale’s princess somewhat in limbo amid the sensation of popularity of Meghan Markle.

The Duke of Sussex has opened up about different parts of his life involving Meghan Markle Y Kate Middleton in her book, showing a lesser-known side of her sister-in-law, who seems to be more aggressive than she shows on camera.

At the beginning of the relationship, the prince harry he was excited to introduce his brother and sister-in-law to Meghan Markle, but things quickly turned ugly between the four when the fame of Kate by Duchess of Sussex.

When Meghan Y Harry married, the media threw the actress and the story around her straight, leaving out the rest of the royal family, including the famous kate middleton this led Kate to see Meghan Markle as a rival, as things immediately became extremely tense between them.

According to Harry, the Duchess of Sussex once asked Kate to borrow some lip gloss before an event, and she responded with a grimace, making it clear that she didn’t like it at all.

Harry also revealed that Kate was very angry when Meghan told her she might still have “pregnant mind» after the birth of the prince louis in 2018 and that she demanded an apology from Meghan.

Prince Harry said the couples had tea at the kensington palace and they tried to reconcile, but Kate is still very upset with Meghan for claiming that she broached such an intimate subject, such as her hormones, when they were not confident enough to do so. The Duke of Sussex also recalled that Kate was so angry that she gripped a chair so tightly that her fingers turned white.

However, a source close to the Wales has come out to deny Harry’s claims and has confirmed that Middleton is incapable of starting any sort of fight.

The source said:

Honestly I can imagine Harry and William fighting, I think William is impulsive.

But Kate has always been one of Harry’s biggest supporters, so this is really heartbreaking.

Meghan Markle Y Kate Middleton they’ve never been friends because they’re completely different, so even without a “fight” or misunderstanding, real experts don’t think they can ever be close.