The princess Kate Middleton is “hesitating” to attend the coronation of the King Charles IIIdue to the rumors of separation with her husband the prince william.

After weeks of being in divorce rumors the dukes of walesDue to apparently infidelities that Prince William is committing towards Duchess Kate Middleton with one of the princess’s best friends, his participation in the event is being questioned.

At the next coronation King Charles IIItogether with his wife queen consort Camilla Parkermost of the royals must be present, including those who would be the next heirs, Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton,

This is because they must remain in front of the coronation, so that they honor their father and father-in-law, kneeling before him. Likewise, swearing total loyalty so that each rule that is presented must be complied with without exception. In addition, the heir must touch the crown and finally kiss the right cheek of his father.

And although it will be a duty to comply with your participation in the event, the Wale’s princess She is questioning her participation, due to the problems that have recently attacked her with her husband’s infidelity.

What is really certain is that the coronation will take place next May 6thmonth by which the dukes must have already made a forceful decision regarding the issue, and clearly decide their participation.