The princess Kate Middleton is seeing all the havoc that the marriage crisis scandal between her and the Prince William. The situation has been so great that the british press she would have been forced to speak more on the subject. However, Kate would be determined to make her word and influence felt as a public figure.

In recent weeks, the world of social networks has seen how the rumors of infidelity and rupture between the Princes of Wales, becomes the main topic of discussion.

The statements that Kate made in a florist stating that William was no longer careful with her, plus the rumors of infidelity that the future monarch would have committed with his lover Rose Hanbury, have served to feed another rumor that stalks the british crown.

With only a few months to go before the official coronation of the King Charles III how the legitimate King of United Kingdom, the royal family knows and is aware that it does not need another scandal.

However, Kate Middleton does not intend to remain silent. She at least she will do it by demonstrating her leadership and influence in the public eye, since the most affected by these rumors is undoubtedly her.

Your image of Princess It has always been characterized by being quite correct, she will not use controversy to attract attention. But neither will she allow her image to be overshadowed by the rumors that have her husband in the eye of the hurricane.

And you, do you think Kate Middleton will achieve its objective of making its image noticeable within the british royalty?