Kate Middleton is one of the most famous women on the entire internet recently, and this is due to the British royalty, who does not stop ringing around the world after the death of the Queen isabel II.

The wife of William once again impressed by his brilliant projects and ideas. The Duchess has always been one of those very enterprising women, for whom to wait a lot and wait for surprises in terms of movements.

As a child, she always had ambitious dreams, such as opening a clothing store, however due to many circumstances she could not fulfill that dream.

But a person who is an entrepreneur does not remain with her dreams unfulfilled, for which the Duchess has received unconditional support from her husband on prince williamwho will be helping her promote her new project titled “The Royal Foundation Center for Early Childhood”.

This project wants to provide parents with better advice so that they can raise their children in a more optimal way in their early years, for her it is “very important and critical that parents pay close attention to their children’s early years, as they can define or influence their future very drastically.”

The campaign is named “Shaping Us”, and as we said before, it is made in order to highlight the importance of a baby’s first years and how this affects their formation as an adult and helps to improve society. William without a doubt, decided to support his wife by attending the event and see how she shined thanks to his great project that will not only leave great profits but will benefit hundreds or even thousands of people.