It’s no secret that the prince harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, They have been the center of royal attention for months, who are ashamed of the embarrassing moments that Harry is putting them through, but now, Kate Middleton can’t take it anymore and made a strong comment towards Lady Di’s youngest son.

The first scandal that caused the prince harry it was when he collaborated with Netflix for his controversial documentary, in which, in addition to the truth about why they themselves decided to leave royal duties, they were harshly accused of editing material when it suited them.

But just when everything seemed to be going smoothly, Harry decided to publish his new book, «Spare“, with which he provoked even more controversy, since one of the most shocking moments was when he recounted the discussion of Meghan Markle with kate middleton reaching the point of making her cry a few days after her wedding.

While the British royal family has remained silent about Prince Harry’s claims, Kate couldn’t take it anymore and reportedly made a harsh comment to the prince’s youngest son. King Charles.

It should be remembered that the wife of the prince william She is one of the people most affected by the scandal that has swept the world, since Harry, apart from revealing in the book the problem she had with Meghan about Princess Charlotte’s dress, also said that she was the one who convinced him to wear a Nazi dress for a party.

It all happened during Kate Middleton’s visit to the mental health charity.”Open Door Charity“And that’s when the Princess of Wales made a hint to the Duke of Sussex.

Talk therapies are not effective for certain people, that’s not for everyone.

Everyone talks about mental health, there have often been negative connotations around it.

It is believed that what he said was a hint to Harry, since in his book, he exposes the mental problem he suffers from.