The British royal family is in the midst of heavy criticism after rumors of infidelity from the prince william towards his wife Kate Middleton. Although the British crown has done everything possible to prevent these rumors from affecting her image, the Princess of Wales would be planning revenge to clean up her reputation.

According to international media, the King Charles III He has initiated a strategy to avoid any drama or controversy that could overshadow his coronation. Apparently, the royal family and Carlos III’s communication secretaries have made a pact with the British media not to touch on the subject of William’s infidelity until after the ceremony.

It is believed that this same strategy would serve to protect the image of Kate Middleton, who has always been seen as a faithful wife towards her husband. Rumors about Kate’s possible co-dependency on William have been around since they were dating, but the situation has worsened with these new rumors of infidelity.

After the coronation of Carlos III, Kate Middleton You could launch a plan to clean up your image and the reputation of your marriage. The Princess of Wales does not plan to stand idly by, especially when she has been criticized by some feminists who do not share her values.

The British royal family is in a difficult moment due to these rumors of infidelity and the possible revenge of Kate Middleton. Only time will tell if the crown manages to protect her image and if the Princess of Wales manages to clean up her reputation and that of her marriage.