Kate Middletonthe princess of Wales has caused strong rumors about her move to the United States, if the divorce with the prince william for his infidelity becomes effective.

The Duchess of Wales has had to endure a few weeks in a strange way due to the criticism that has been made of the British monarchy, because there are already several media who assure the infidelity that the Duke is committing, with some photographs as proof.

In addition to the fact that she previously pointed out that her husband is not a detailed person, an act that is not to the liking of Kate Middleton, and for which several people have joined the cause of sending her details for the day of Valentine’s Day.

However, rumors are now circulating that Prince William’s wife may be moving to USA, since it would be separated from the next heir to the crown. And by way of being closer to Meghan Markle and of the prince harrywho have been supporting her in the process.

So he would do it in the company of his 3 children, of whom he could have full custody, and who would be his new company in American life.

Likewise, as the people of the United Kingdomthe princess is a lover of social work with children, schools, couples and even the elderly, so if she made the separation public, she would continue in the footsteps of the deceased Princess Dianadoing various jobs in the UK, and other nearby countries.