Kate Middleton She could be the future Queen of the United Kingdom and many of her followers have made it known. As mentioned by a couple of commenters, Prince William’s wife is the right person to “rewrite the royal rulebook” because of his connection to the British people.

Body language experts have praised Kate Middletonstating that she has the ability to overcome crises and turn sadness into happiness in the same way that the late Queen Elizabeth II did during her 70 years on the throne.

The body language expert Darren Stantonhas commented that Kate Middleton she feels more and more secure in her role within royalty and that she has the ability to rewrite the royal rules. Stanton singled out photos of Kate Middleton dragging a tire in early February as evidence of her willingness, confidence and her ability to blend in with people.

I also add:

it’s hard to imagine any member of the royal family allowing themselves to be filmed and photographed in such an environment.

Since Kate Middleton became the Princess of Wales, she has developed great confidence and a desire to connect with the people, Stanton said. Her in-your-face determination to impress and her ability to soothe and cheer up royal followers are sure signs that she will go down as one of the most beloved queens in history.