Kate Middleton recently turned 41 and celebrated this day in the midst of the scandals that have affected the British royal family, but this year, 2023, will be a very special year for the Windsor family, since Charles III will finally take the throne and, Kate and the prince william They will have a very important place in the ceremony, as they are the next in line of succession to the crown.

However, this will not be the only important event for Kate, since the Tarot cards show that the Princess of Wales is a very dedicated and selfless person who will give herself to what she believes in and give herself completely to love. There is no doubt that this shows that Kate Middleton love to William and is ready to be with him and work together in this new phase that is about to begin.

Despite that, tarot cards show that Kate Middleton and Prince William could have a cold and distant relationship in 2023, which can go hand in hand with many separate work commitments and world travels, it is said that They will have problems, but they will not go to major.

In addition, 2023 will be a very important year for Kate Middleton, because although she is going through difficult times now, she is expected to be very positive in the long term.

As for her children, she will protect them from suffering and from the press. Also regarding the way of dressing, Kate will make a change in her style, thus ignoring the protocols, since the letters showed that she will be very versatile and that she will be full of changes this year.