Royalty is once again involved in the topic of conversation, as fans of royal members assured that the Princess of Wales, kate middleton she looks thinner and thinner. It’s no secret that Prince William’s wife has become Britain’s new darling, as many say she stays true to the legacy of her late mother-in-law, the Princess Diana.

Following the scandal involving the prince harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, experts say the popularity of the Prince and Princess of Wales has risen and they would be far from a disservice to the royal family.

As proof, the royal couple are always loudly applauded and loved by fans in each of their public performances, who express their concern for the Princess. Well, according to their statements, Kate looks thinner and her face is not in the best shape, so they are sure that the 41-year-old queen is sick.

British media report that both the prince william like the family of Kate Middleton they have noticed that their weight loss continues, so they are already seeking professional advice.

It has not yet been officially revealed if Kate Middleton is or has been sick latelyand some royal supporters say the Princess’s busy schedule after the death of the Queen Elizabeth III is the most affected.

But that’s not all, because despite always being a woman with an enviable figure, who has been able to recover her figure despite having been pregnant three times and who is now going through this process, the public is even more concerned.