Kate Middletonnamed princess of Wales in the British monarchy, outshines her husband on prince williamin his new public appearance that occurred a few days ago.

The dukes of wales They recently attended an event, minimizing the rumors of a possible separation between the two, this, due to the news announced several weeks ago about infidelities, and insignificant loving gestures from the prince to the princess.

Everything indicates that the Duchess, although she is experiencing a possible duel, has tried to preserve her spirited position before the media, and the British people. But now, more expressive than before, she darkened the image of her husband in a negative way, while she kept up a brilliant presentation.

In a current rugby game that the couple attended, the annoyance that Kate had with her husband was evident, due to the latest news that has circulated on social networks, and while she maintained a positive attitude in front of the spectators, she managed to get her husband will not go unnoticed before the cameras, evidencing his tense attitude.

«William’s expression is one of anticipation and stress at the possibility of not seeing his team win, while Kate Middleton’s is one of triumph and success.“said a body language expert.

In conclusion, the professional was clear in admitting that the princess was very smiling throughout the time, while Prince William had a very different attitude on his face, which he did not hide during the rest of the day.