According to some reports, Kate Middleton has been secretly accumulating evidence in recent months to prove the infidelity of Prince William, who would have been involved in an affair with another woman, who was a close friend of Kate Middleton, named Rose Hanbury.

An anonymous source claimed that:

Kate is completely devastated by William’s betrayal, but is determined to make him pay for what he’s done. She has been working on this in secret, gathering evidence to prove her infidelity. She is planning to expose him publicly and make him pay for what she has done..

The plan of Kate Middletonaccording to the source, is to make public the evidence collected during an exclusive television interview, in which he will talk about how he has dealt with this difficult situation and how he hopes this will serve as a warning to other men who may be thinking of being unfaithful.

For his part, he prince william He has yet to comment on the cheating allegations.

This scandal comes at a sensitive time for the British royal family, which is still reeling from the shock of the resignation of the prince harry and his wife Meghan Markle a couple of years ago, and royal experts fear that this new scandal could further jeopardize the reputation of the royal family and even more so when the coronation of the King Charles III it’s a couple weeks away.