The Wale’s princess and wife of Prince William, Kate Middleton, defied the British royalty by not complying with a strict protocol that is in its rules. And it is that the princess agreed to do something that massively annoys him King Charles III and several family members. What she did?

Kate Middleton has received some criticism within the British royal family, since in the last days he agreed to take photos with fans and other people that I also greet cordially.

In the protocols of the royalty, its members are prohibited from taking selfies with the public. However, the Princess of Wales has flouted the rules and allowed several members of the public to take photos with her.

In recent days, various rumors have leaked claiming that Camilla Parker I don’t know he got along with Kate, and that their photos and videos where they look very friendly would only be a window of smoke so that the public does not notice.

However, their attempts do not seem to have worked, since several tests were revealed that would confirm their bad relationship. The same that would have occurred because of these small details such as the rules and other factors that have made the queen consort not like her very much Kate.