The tension and fury he suffered Kate Middleton when he confronted Rose Hanbury, her husband’s lover Prince William, It would have brought her to tears. This situation continues to generate much controversy on social networks, who massively condemn that the future King of United Kingdom Possibly have this affair with the English noblewoman since the year 2019, while the British royalty does everything possible to hide the controversy.

When in 2019 the scandalous photos were published where the Prince of Wales He was having a good time with Rose Hanbury, the media and a large part of the public repudiated William’s attitude, who until then was labeled as “an exemplary man.”

However, the French tabloids maintained that in the last meeting that the Princess of Wales had with the Marquise of Cholmondeley, Not everything was “color of roses.” Unfortunately, the future queen consort could not contain her emotions and she burst into tears when she saw Rose near her husband.

All this happened on June 3, 2019, when the already deceased Queen isabel II organized a banquet for the visit of the former president of the state Joined, the tycoon donald trump, in it Buckingham Palace.

TO Kate she could be seen furious, with the intention of keeping her head up; However, she was polite and went to cry in front of her guests when she noticed the presence of her former friend.

It is even said that Donald Trump himself would have noticed the environmental tension that the Wale’s princess. All this, because of what happened and because of all the emotional damage she felt when she saw that everyone was talking about the leaked photos of her new husband.

And you, what do you think about this situation that you experienced? Kate Middleton with the lover of prince william?