The princess Kate Middleton he has broken a protocol in the royal family, and as a result of this he has managed to unleash a controversy with the queen Camila Parkerwho would not agree with the mistake made.

The duchess has defied the British crown with a terrible act that not only upset Queen Camila, other relatives of the royal house and even himself King Charles III he could have been offended by the princess’s actions.

Although it has been in the middle of controversies with the publication of the memoirs of the prince harry, Kate Middleton she had no qualms about making a mistake in which she had been ordered to be extremely cautious.

The british crown he would have asked in a special way members of the royal family, including the wife of the prince william Do not get too close to the followers, much less agree to take photos with them or greet them closely, an act that the princess did not take importance to and failed to comply with.

«The only thing they demanded a lot was that they not take selfies, and the reason was that they didn’t want people to turn their backs on the royal family. And that was very important to them.“, revealed Greg Agnewa follower of royalty.

Given this, the bad relationship that had been discussed between the duchess of wales and the Queen Camilla Parker it ended up being completely fractured, because it was a disregard for a minimum order that would have been entrusted to it.